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Why is Philly so dirty?

TOH SMALL 11Dear Housewife:

Why is Philadelphia so dirty?

– Disgusted in Philly

Dear Disgusted: 

You ask a very good question.  You may not be aware of this, but filth is in the very DNA of Philadelphia. Russell F. Weigly, author of Philadelphia:  A 300 Year History, describes our beloved city as being dirty with garbage and animals littering the streets during the 1700’s.  Quality of life worsened due to poor enforcement of laws.  Over 300 years later, unfortunately, not much has changed.  Hence the question: Why is Philly so dirty? Well, in 2014, the sources of filth are the same:  trifling people too lazy to clean up after themselves and city government too lazy to hold residents accountable.  Perhaps we should change our name to the City of  Phila-rhyparia (Love Filth). Has a little bit of ring to it, doesn’t it?

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Brenda Sampson

Wow a long history of filth…smh..we’ve got to do better Philly!

Sharon L. Floyd

I don’t think people know how to clean up after themselves, put trash into a trash bag and not try to stuff it in a corner store bag and tie the bag up. Also spray it with repellent so the stray cats people allow to roam the streets after they are done with them to get into the trash.


Hi Laveta, The history is profound but also serves as a reminder of the responsibility of city government and it’s residents. I moved away years ago but frequently return now that my son is a student at Temple. It was really disheartening to see not a lot had changed with regards to the city’s upkeep. Love my city and rooting for positive change. There is so much culture in the city. The guests that visit deserve to experience the city at its best.

Good commentary Laveta! Tammie Booth Barrett (NE 144)


Well. I love this city. Simply love it. Its beautiful. The architecture. The art. What I think is that if there were trash cans on every corner people would be more inclined to throw their trash away. I have held trash in my hands for blocks before a trash can was seen. Just saying.

Skdamc Da Partystarter

Philadelphia is so dirty because a lot of folks have no investment in their neighborhood. Some people who rent property simply refuse to do something as small as sweeping the front of their residence. I’ve witnessed AND spoken to people who I’ve seen throw trash on the ground IN FRONT of a trash can. This starts at home. I really don’t speak up now much because it COULD get me shot. I LOVE Philly but we have a lot of trifling folks who live here.