Solomon Jones poses a question to Kamala Harris during her visit to Philadelphia.

What Kamala Harris told me when I asked about her and Joe Biden

On Thursday, Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris came to Philadelphia, and in a surreal twist of fate, my block was one of the stops on the campaign trail.

But it wasn’t the time that she spent on my street that told me the most about Harris. It was what happened in the hours before.

Around 10:50 a.m., as I rushed home from work, I rode past Relish restaurant on Ogontz Ave., near Walnut Lane. There, I noticed a plethora of campaign signs taped along the parking lot’s gate. Counter-terrorism police were posted on the corner, and the mayor’s security detail was lingering out front. Knowing that Relish often hosts political events, I surmised that the restaurant was one of the stops on Harris’s tour. I stopped, and learned that I was right.

It was shortly after 11 a.m. when Harris’s motorcade arrived. I watched as two white men pulled up in a car across the street. They parked with flashers on and exited the vehicle. One of them yelled, “F— Kamala Harris!” as his comrade watched silently. “She’s not African American!” the man shouted. “She’s Asian! F— Kamala Harris!”

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Photo by Solomon Jones III

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