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Vote for Solomon for Best of Philly

Best of Philly nominee Solomon Jones is a finalist for best radio personality in Philadelphia Magazine’s annual contest. Please vote for him in this important contest, and help validate the local and national work he continues to do on behalf of the entire community. You can vote once a day through February 23rd.

Click here to cast your Best of Philly vote for Solomon at

Why vote for Solomon as the Best of Philly? He is a no-nonsense interviewer, insightful commentator and staunch community advocate. A veteran radio presence who was tapped by the late Philadelphia radio legend Joe “Butterball” Tamburro to provide weekly commentary on the Carter and Sanborn show on WDAS FM, Solomon is now the morning host at 900amWURD radio. He is also a contributor at NPR-affiliate WHYY radio. Click here to cast your Best of Philly vote for Solomon Jones.

Click below to listen to Solomon’s work.

[blocktext align=”right”]You will leave this show with more information than you arrived with. Not only that. You will leave this show armed with the only thing that matters—the truth. The truth on politics, the truth on relationships, the truth on community, and the biggest truth of all—the truth about ourselves. – Solomon Jones on 900 am WURD[/blocktext]

John B King and Obama

Click here to hear Solomon’s WURD interview with U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King.

Click here to hear Solomon’s impassioned WHYY commentary, “Celebrating and Mourning 50 years of the Voting Rights Act.”

Click here to watch Solomon in studio as he lays out the vision for the Wake Up With WURD show on 900 am WURD.

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Solomon Jones has been nominated as Best Radio Personality for Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly issue. He is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist, the creator and editor of and morning host on 900 am WURD radio. Click here to learn more about Solomon.

best of philly

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I tried to reply to SJ at “his email address”:
I read your comments…minimizing whites is fashionable in some circles,way to pile on and be a part of the problem.You have contributed nothing positive and simply piled on with the other folks who refuse to grow,because it can be painful and takes effort,like anything worthwhile.
What you do takes much less effort,and there are tons of people already doing what you are trying to do,and it is failing…some call it bigotry.
I didn’t say racist because we are all one race:human. And I didn’t call you a bigot because well…we all have some growing up to do. When I see someone like you living a tired old victim script it makes me hope you read a book or two and elevate your consciousness past the point of proliferating the hate,which only serves avoiding growth and getting gladhanded by peers who are part of the Crab Bucket of Negativity.

It is up to you…we ALL describe our lives any way we want. And THAT my friend,is true power. Try using your pulpit for something more outside the box,and contribute something instead of cashing in on and encouraging hate Your rhetoric is hardly original or compelling,and you sir are overpaid.