Solomon Jones at Philadelphia anti-gun violence rally

Trump is killing us, but gun violence is doing it faster

There’s so much happening that sometimes it’s easy to be overwhelmed. The president is lying about coronavirus, the homeless are camped out on the Parkway, fires are raging in California, and the most important election of our lifetimes is less than two months away. 

But in Philadelphia, the most immediate danger is gun violence. Gun violence that’s killing our men and our children. Gun violence that’s killing bystanders. Gun violence that left a woman fighting for her life after she was shot Saturday morning in West Philly. 

Police say she suffered gunshot wounds to the face, arm and shoulder.

 And after cops rushed her to the hospital she was in critical condition. 

But here’s the thing. The woman shot this weekend isn’t the only one in critical condition. The city is in critical condition. We had nearly 2400 shootings as of September 6th. That’s not random or a few bad apples. It is a scourge of gun violence that’s killing us from the inside out.

That kind of violence comes from rage that happens long before anyone pulls the trigger. Rage that comes from lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of employment and lack of hope.

When you shoot someone because they looked at you the wrong way, that’s not about what happened in the moment. It’s about what’s happening in your heart. When the cycle of vengeance won’t stop no matter what, that’s not about neighborhood beef. That’s about generational trauma. 

Our women are being shot in the face. Our babies are being shot in the womb. Our communities are in danger. And we have to do something. For me, that means mentoring young brothers through ManUpPHL. But all of us can do something. All of us must do something. Because if we don’t the shooting will never stop.


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