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Trump blames Woodward for coronavirus deaths

Imagine you run a country and something’s killing the people you’re supposed to protect. Now imagine being so selfish, so utterly triflin’, that you lie about it because you care more about power than you do about the people.

If you can imagine doing that, congratulations, you’re Donald Trump.

Because no one else would tell the kinds of lies that would kill 190,000 people. But that’s what Trump did. And we got receipts. 

Matter fact, Bob Woodward wrote a book about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go. Donald Trump told Woodward that he knew the virus was airborne and deadly, but he downplayed it ‘cause he didn’t want people to panic. And now Trump is telling us that if Woodward thought what Trump said was so bad, Woodward should have gone to the authorities.

And I’m like, wait a minute Trump. You ARE the authorities. You’re the president. It’s not Bob Woodward’s job to warn the American people about you. It’s your job to warn the American people about the virus. 

But instead of doing your job you held rallies where no one wore masks. You told people to swallow disinfectant. You let folks think the virus was a hoax. And you did it knowing that Black and brown people were disproportionately dying from it.

Maybe that’s because of the other thing Woodward got on tape. Trump thinks there’s no such thing as white privilege. That Black people have no right to complain, and that when white people like Woodward mention racism, they’ve drunk the Kool Aid.  

Well, Mr. President, racism is real, just like coronavirus, and it won’t go away if you pretend it’s not there.  So, tell us the truth you shoulda told us months ago, when almost 200,000 Americans were dying to hear it …  


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