Independence Hall in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Trump and the GOP want to steal Philly’s votes and steal the presidency

Philadelphia will decide the presidential election, because whoever wins Philly will probably win Pennsylvania, and whoever wins Pennsylvania will probably win the White House.

It’s really that simple, and both parties know it.

That’s why when coronavirus made in-person voting dangerous, Democrats pushed to make satellite election offices available in Philadelphia. The offices are possible because of changes to state election law that both Democrats and Republicans agreed to

So why are Republicans trying to send poll watchers to satellite offices they agreed to? For the same reason Donald Trump wouldn’t obey the rules in the debate. 

If Republicans play by the rules they agreed to, they’ll lose Pennsylvania, and they’ll likely lose the presidency. 

That’s the truth, and they know it. And here’s some more truth. There is no right under Pennsylvania law to watch people do things like register to vote or fill out a mail-in ballot.  Ya know … the things that are happening in those satellite offices.

So when Trump’s campaign henchman tried to come into these satellite offices, election officials was like, “Hold up Cuz, where you think you goin’?”

In response, Trump stood on the debate stage and said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.” And now Republicans in the state house want a Committee to investigate the 2020 election. Plus the Trump campaign is suing Philadelphia, claiming Trump’s people should be able to come to satellite offices and creep voters out.

But here’s the bottom line, Philly. These people don’t want you to vote, because if you vote, they lose. So if this is the Philly I know, ya’ll ain’t gonna let nobody come to our city and tell us what to do, how to think, how to act, or when to vote. 

We do what we want to do in Philly. And right now … we want to vote.  

 Photo by Wally Gobetz: Independence Hall in Philadelphia


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Well written.