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The Candy Ring

THE CANDY RING is a short produced by Solomon Jones and optioned by NBC. It is based on a Philadelphia Daily News column. Oh, and one more thing. The Candy Ring is hilarious.

solomon thumbnailSolomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of, and the true Godfather of The Candy Ring. Click here to learn more about Solomon.


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Nick Taliaferro

First of all, Solomon Jones’ “The Candy Ring” is hilarious, both in scripting and on-camera delivery. But the real triumph is the man behind the brand, Solomon himself. There is a meaningful journey behind the father, husband and talented artist that we have before us today. Knowing just a bit of that story makes me cheer a little louder for the man – and it makes me laugh a little longer after watching “The Candy Ring”!