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The weight before Spring Break 2014

SPRING BREAK 2014 is almost here, and things are about to change.

Flowers will rise from once-frozen soil. Young people will fall helplessly in love. The Phillies will take the field with players as old as Methuselah. And the rest of us will sing the “Happy” song with all the gusto of Oscar nominee Pharrell Williams. Why? Because it’s spring, and we’re grateful.

Spring Break 2014 is coming

We've got a heavy load to deal with before Spring Break 2014. (Illustration Richard Harrington)

We’ve got a heavy load to deal with before Spring Break 2014. (Illustration Richard Harrington)

We escaped a Polar Vortex that overtook us like The Blob. We survived a deep freeze that had each of us feeling like Snow Miser from “The Year Without a Santa Claus.” We drove over potholes the size of small cities, and lived to tell the tale.

But all that’s over, sunshine still exists, and we’ve got Daylight Savings Time, which means that we have an extra hour to enjoy the warmth.

Sounds like a great prelude to Spring Break 2o14, right? Well, there’s a catch.

[button link=”http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20140311_The_naked_truth_about_spring.html” target=”self” color=”red” icon=”none” style=”normal” size=”default”]CLICK HERE[/button]to read the rest of this Philadelphia Daily News column

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A.K. Hasan

Canned tuna fish in water and whole wheat pita for breakfast today…..don’t worry eggs sausage and pancakes, we WILL meet again

Solomon Jones

LOL! Don’t worry. I had the pancakes for you this morning.