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Solomon launches GoFundMe campaign for #Justice

Blacks are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be shot and killed by police. In recent years, those statistics have roared into focus through the deaths of boys like Tamir Rice, women like Rekia Boyd, and men like Philando Castille. Their images fill the screens of our computers, televisions and phones, but we never learn what happens to those they leave behind.

As a journalist, I’ve spoken to the families of those who’ve died in high-profile police shootings. In doing so, I’ve learned about strength in the face of heartbreak. I’ve learned what it means to fight.

That’s why I began writing “Justice.” I wanted to bring humanity to the social media memes and hashtags that too often define this struggle. I wanted to give those families a voice.

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Jeffrey Meyers

Mr Jones- I enjoyed your article in Today’s Inquirer. I too am a proud Temple graduate, BA 1973. Got a great education , and that degree got me into NYU law school . I came back to teach in the Fox school of business as an adjunct for 15 years, and had a successful national law practice as a Philly attorney.

I went to Temple because I could not afford to go to the more prestigious schools that accepted me , or the ones I didn’t bother to apply to because of my financial reality. As I know you are aware, Temple’s mission has always been to provide a quality college degree to working and middle class families . Historically Temple has fulfilled this mission. It certainly has for me, and I think for you also.Temple is not like Penn, a great school , but the majority of it’s students do not come from the working class or lower middle classes.

I don’t disagree that the University should continue to reach out to the surrounding community. But I view expansion of a University like Temple as a positive, and the neighborhood getting nicer as a positive. If it changes the nature of the racial demographics, that is because the older residents are poor, not because they are African American . If local residents can’t get construction jobs, that is a union issue, and as we both know, Philly is a union town.These are serious societal problems,but I don’t think it is a reason that a school like Temple should not expand or an explanation for violence against students .


Jeff Meyers

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