Parents: Should we legalize marijuana?

I RECENTLY WROTE a blog post saying that marijuana should not be legalized, because in my experience, and according to a 2012 Yale study, marijuana can lead to harder drugs. Many readers felt I was wrong. Now I want to know what parents think. Should America legalize marijuana?

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No they should not legalize it. 1 it does lead to wanting to do something harder, young people already do not have their heads on straight and are irresponsible by driving drunk, now drugs not a good mixture. 2 what about all those that they lo9cked up for possession of marijuana are they going to let them out?? 3 where will you be able to get it your neighborhood drug store, vending machines and what is going to be the legal age 21?/ right. no the government just wants the money just like with alcohol, it was illegal but there was a lot of money involved and they wanted to get their hands on it. Just like with numbers to much money and they wanted a hand in that pot also, now drugs. when and where does it stop first marijuana whats next.

Solomon Jones

I agree Doreen. I think the biggest issue for me, though, is how drugs affect poor and minority communities. Poor people and people of color are the ones who go to jail, the ones who die in drug wars, and the ones who suffer through addictions for which they can’t get adequate treatment. I am very concerned about the legalization and normalization of drug use doing even more damage to our communities.