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Scandal Thursday!

Question of the day:

It’s Scandal Thursday! In a previous episode we learned that the first lady, Millie, was sexually assaulted by her father-in-law, which now we see is one of the deep rooted issues she and the President are facing. Do you think she should reveal that secret in order to heal her marriage, and can keeping secrets–any secrets–be part of a healthy marriage?

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Aphrodite Brown

I don’t think that their marriage can be saved. Even if Olivia weren’t around I still don’t think their marriage could be saved. This couple sacrificed intimacy (not sex but intimacy), communication and mutual respect to achieve political gains. A marriage without that is not going to last. The people within the marriage may not divorce – but the marriage is broken. Some things really are broken beyond repair. After all of this time, and with Fitz in perpetual arrested development, for Mellie to confess not just her rape, but the unknown paternity of her son, would only push Fitz further away. He blames her now for his infidelity, implying that he felt less than a “man” because of her withdrawal sexually, there is no way he could find the empathy and compassion to relate to the trauma she suffered and the silence she’s had to endure.

I am a strong believer that you must be transparent to your partner. Anything less is inviting discord and dysfunction.


As we seen, as soon as he found out Fitz went in to kiss Millie on her head….Regardless of that act, I too don’t see how they could repair their marriage. Fitz is spoiled baby and a very vindictive one…He treated Millie like ish on too many occasions to be excused because he didn’t know his dad raped her…