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Romance without finance

Romance without finance has never been an issue for you. That’s especially true now that you’ve met the man/woman of your dreams. Everything appears to be going smoothly on the first few dates. This person is loving, kind, considerate, and seems to have it all together. You learn about a month into this new situation that this person is unemployed, but neglected to inform you. Do you keep moving forward with getting to know him/her as this has no bearing on your relationship? Or do you halt the process because you just can’t have romance without finance?

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There needs to be some discussion about the situation, especially why that was not mentioned earlier. Employment falls into ice breaker conversation and after several dates I ought to know what line of work you are in.

In addition why they are unemployed, how long have they been, and what they are doing about it needs to be discussed. Finances become an issue in relationship when one person feels as though they are a meal ticket for the other. I also believe that it may become more of an issue if the man is unemployed. I have spoken with several women who want their man to take the lead in planning and also paying.

Leanora Hopkins

Unemployment alone is not necessarily a deal breaker but, I have to wonder why I was never told this before. The fact that this information was not provided may have me question whether there was an intent to be deceptive. Why you are unemployed and what kind of plan do you have to better your situation are important factors. Every situation has to be looked at individually.


When this happened to me I questioned why I wasn’t told and I was informed his finances were straight and none of my concern. I wasn’t feeling him anyway so that was a red flag to keep it moving.


Why would the person need to tell me they are not employee. We are just getting to know each other. Why should that matter anyway. People go throught different periods in their life. I was unemployed for 6 months once. I have my own business now in the 6 figure income bracket. I’m the same person. I don’t want a fair weather friend. Love me for me and not my assets.


Were are the old school women at these days. Thats what I need in my life. A Foxy Brown!! With an Afro and knee high leather

Ebony Oliver

Romance without finance is a nuisance(In my Judge Maybalene voice.)