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The truth about blacks and racial profiling

Question of the Day:

You’re black. Or Latino. Or a liberal white person. In your mind everyone should be treated as an individual. But you’ve seen the news stories about purse snatchings and murders, and you find that you actually racially profile young black males when you see them walking down the street in hoodies, jeans and Timberlands.  What, if anything, can we do as a whole to overcome the negative media portrayals of young black males that cause us to react this way?

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Good question as this happened to me last week when a young Black male was walking behind me. I was so scared for my life and then felt horrible afterwards because I had fallen into the trap of stereotyping are young black males.

Kevin Ghee

Here’s the thing. It’s real. Some people will harm you. If you’re in an area where 100% of the crimes are committed by who you see then how are you to discern from who means you well and who doesn’t? It’s unfortunate but until we set some standards of what’s acceptable this those images will play a major role in whom and what we fear.


The Bible states the poor you have with you always, poor is as much a state of mind as it is a state of pocket. The media can’t portray what doesn’t exist. Until there is an elevation in one’s worldview and socialization there will be no redemption and uplft but rather a perpetuation of more of the same.

monique Williams

Internalized racism it is real

Kevin Ghee

Internalized racism? Where do y’all get these terms from?

Solomon Jones

I sometimes wear Timberlands and a hoodie in bad weather. Most of the time I wear suits or dress business casual. Even though I’m 46-years-old with a salt and pepper goatee, it’s interesting to see the difference in the response.

Kevin Ghee

It’s not just the attire. It’s the body language etc etc…. I think it’s only 7% of communication is verbal…

Solomon Jones

I think we act differently when we dress differently. I know I do. I think communication is 70 percent nonverbal, so who knows what signals I throw off when I dress like a hood.


I agree the location, the time (or maybe not because folks get smoked in broad daylight too) but also the non verbal says a lot for me. If a dude or dudes are walking like I’m prey and circling the spot like lions I get antsy. I’ve learned to walk with my head on swivel and my face with the ice face most of the times. Sad but you have to always stay on alert. We are truly living with symptoms equivalent to those with PTSD. Always on edge.

Skdamc Da Partystarter

I admit I profile but in a way that makes me appear unapproachable and I think I’m worse off for it. It’s more a defensive response to prevent any negative interaction. I also rarely put myself in situations where I have to profile anyone.

True Asiatic

Self-hatred has been the best weapon within the History of Our Experience here in the United States of America that the Powers-that-be have initiated, maintained, and evolved…..We can’t just change by osmosis, not within the construct of the Institutionalized Social, Economic, Political, Religious structure of the dominate society. Am I blaming the whiteman….You Damn Right I Am! but I ain’t leaning on that, strange thing about the Racism we heap upon each other, is that We DO expect osmosis to happen. I hear many speak about US pulling ourselves up and getting US straight. Do what you can within the system, be successful. If we all are aware of have access, then NONE of us are truly successful. We have been taught to look at OUR World as Individuals…it’s unhuman or inhumane to see someone going without food, clothes, or shelter. Our morality mimics Our former (in reality it is still so, but just for the sake of physical bondage, I’ll say, former) Masters….We are looking for new solutions to old problems using the same tools (I think that was referred to as “insanity”)….of course I have solutions and it takes a major shift in the paradigm….to be con’t

Kevin Ghee

LOL, y’all act as if this ain’t a real situation where these guys are killing folks…

True Asiatic

Actually the Hood and Robes been replaced with Uniforms and badges…the prosecutors and gavel……oh, It’s real….so what’s your solution?

Kevin Ghee

My solution is that we diligently work to change the image of the young black man. We control that but as a race we always need someone to blame versus taking control of our own destiny. Hood and robes haven’t been replaced with uniforms and badges but with hoodies and white tees. Stop blaming folks and let’s start looking for how we can chamge the image….

Kevin Ghee

That’s like seeing a group in a hood and robes carrying a cross and just ignoring the possibilities of what’s to come….

William Cobb

I am guilty of profiling but not racial profiling.

W. Jonathan McCoy

OK, guilty me… As a 58 year old, somewhat disabled man – unfortunately, I do!! I tell my daughters to avoid Black men with little (to no) education, jail time and no visible means of support. I tell my wife to be careful because (unfortunately) that mass of Black men standing on street corners, in front of Asian take outs and meandering around the Gallery are, for the most part to be avoided. Yeah, it’s sad. No, it’s not self hatred… it’s called self preservation. See, I grew up in the projects at 11th & Norris… So, I know better.


So earlier today, I’m getting out of my car and I see a guy with his head down, hoodie and walking slowly. He got in his car and then I moved away from mine, toward the store. He was white. I don’t care if you’re purple, if you wear the uniform of a thug you put me on edge. I’d have the same exact suspicions from a black man in a well kept neighborhood or a white man in a trash ridden one. It’s all about the uniform, where we grew up, what we’ve seen and what we’ve learned. My stance is, always be on alert and always keep your head on swivel. Never let your guard down!