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Have you had the “police talk” with your sons?

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The latest Philadelphia-based accusation of police brutality involved a teenage boy being frisked. A female officer allegedly squeezed his genitals so hard a testicle ruptured. Sadly, there have been many other incidents involving our boys, some of them fatal. Given that reality, have you had the dreaded “talk” with your sons? Have you adequately schooled them on how to properly interact with the police?  What can parents do to ensure their sons return home safely?

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Laverne Cheeseboro

I didn’t have the talk until my son came home from picking my baby boy up from football practice and was stopped and searched for looking suspicious. He said he felt violated. I explained to him it is one of the main reasons I don’t want him wearing hoodies and jeans amd white t shirts. I never explained to him how to act other than follow authority. Good question.


Laverne, I think it’s paramount that classes be held for young men and women to understand how to interact with law enforcement. Testosterone, guns and a bad attitude on both or several parts is never a good outcome. When our young men feel that their civil rights may have been violated, the present moment is NOT the time to state so. That argument can be made at a later time. We can’t have another Oscar Grant or Trayvon Martin or even this latest case occur on our watch ever again. As parents, we must do better to ensure our children return safely so we need to have that talk sooner rather than later! Thanks for your input.


Yes! I have the talk several times a year! What I tell them is that COPS OF ALL COLORS ARE SHADY BULLIES! I tell them if a cop ever approaches, put your hands where they can see CLEARLY, and DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS! Their script is, “Sir/ Ma’am, on the advice if my lawyer, respectfully I can not answer any questions without my parents and lawyer present.”

Camari Ellis

Great Question. We should have that talk with our sons and our daughters. Sadly, both can be targets.