march on washington

Older black people have let younger generation down

By refusing to share the pain of our experiences with race in America, older blacks have failed the younger generation.

 It is a truth that I have long struggled with, but one I can no longer ignore.

If even one black millennial believes voting is irrelevant, they don’t know our history. If any young black person believes racism cannot be defeated, they don’t know our history. If a single one of our youth says blacks have no power, they don’t know our history, they don’t understand our present, and they have no clear view of our future.

This is not the white man’s fault. It’s ours.
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Photo: Students from Pittsburgh, PA take part in the Civil Rights March on Washington, Archives Foundation/ Flickr

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Solomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of and morning host on 900 am WURD radio. Click here to learn more about Solomon.

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