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WHEN NPR’s David Green traveled to Philadelphia to interview me for an international series called Crime In The City, it was yet another leg in a journey that has included appearances in the pages of Essence, a pilot optioned by NBC, and an appearance on CNN Headline News. The Last Confession was the book, and it represented Philadelphia in a series that has covered cities from Moscow to Paris.

The headline, “Philly author’s confession: I lived these stories,” was fitting, since the characters in The Last Confession live on the streets of Philadelphia, a city that I know from the halls of abandoned buildings to the halls of power.

[button link=”” target=”self” color=”red” icon=”none” style=”normal” size=”default”]CLICK HERE[/button]to read and listen to the story, as well as read an excerpt from the book, on NPR – National Public Radio.

(Featured photo: The Archangel Michael at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, Jeff Berman via Flickr)

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