neat vs sloppy

Neat Freak vs Slob

Question of the day:

You’re a neat freak but your mate is downright sloppy and keeps the house disorderly. You clean and they totally disregard your efforts by putting dirty dishes in the sink, throwing clothes on the bathroom floor, and leaving the bedroom a hot mess. It’s a classic battle: Neat freak vs Slob. How do you handle this situation when it totally grinds your gears?

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Solomon Jones

True, but what if you repeatedly communicate and it spent changes about he sloppiness, but everything else about he relationship is okay?


Then it should be easy to adjust he would already be my mate for a reason so if I am asking a grown man to clean up after himself or help me out around OUR house it should not be a problem. If he doesn’t change then I would give him a little taste of his own medicine ie when I start leaving who knows what in the bathroom or just being nasty I am sure he would not like it!

Solomon Jones

I won’t ask what you mean by leaving “who knows what” in the bathroom. Having lived with females all my life, I already know. I get your point, though. It’s a shame that you would have to tell an adult to stop being so sloppy and nasty. Kinda reminds me of that old, show, The Odd Couple. They got along on every other level, but the filth was a constant point of contention.


I have been in this situation previously. I finally reached my wits end and began throwing any of his belongings which were strewn around the house in a bin once the bin was filled it went to the curb. After several arguments, he realized that I was his wife and not his mother and he began keep his belongings in his office.

Solomon Jones

Well I guess that’s one way to deal with it …

W. Jonathan McCoy

But in a relationship… compromise is key. There must be a middle ground!

Linda Wilson-Sterling

I begin to make a stink about him leaving things out of place, and then I begin to think, if God took him today I would miss this very thing.