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Money in the middle

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You’ve been married for quite some time, you’ve been steadily growing and gaining success in your career. You’ve gone back and received a few degrees but your spouse remains on stagnant. You don’t want to fuss and nag, but tension is mounting. There’s money in the middle of your marriage, but how do you resolve this issue before it ruins your relationship?

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W. Jonathan McCoy

Do you love your spouse or is that person a status symbol of yours? There is a thing known as “being comfortable with who/where you are.” If you’re making $100K and your spouse is only making $50K, what’s the problem? If you’re looking for matching Jaguars in the driveway, then buy two! I, personally would want my spouse to get ahead because yeah, the money is good, and the future gets easier and it might be a boost to her ego… but damn! Is this chasing some economic dream all “that” important? If she doesn’t want to, and we are in love with and true to each other/ourselves… then what’s the big deal!!!

Solomon Jones

I agree Jonathan. Well put.


Johnathan I could not agree more. I see far too many women falling into the trap of turning her nose up at potential good husbanda but because he can’t somehow keep up with this imaginary perfect list she has created she begins to put her stilleto bn his neck. Women like so often find herself eternally single as she chases that knight in shining armor.


Jonathan hit the nail on the head some people are content. Sadly so many people don’t discover this prior to marriage if their significant other is okay with a condo vs. a single family home, a honda vs. a Beamer. I do think it is hard for go getters or those who can’t be content because they know it’s more to learn and more money to have to accept that in their partner because they believe it is a reflection on them.
I think it would do us all good to bask in contentment and gratitude from time to time.