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So you’ve been married for a while, but your spouse knew their best friend before they knew you. Everything is fine until the day your spouse’s best friend hits on you. You know your spouse would literally assault the best friend if you revealed this information. Do you tell anyway and let the chips fall where they may or do you keep quiet, handle it and then demand that the best friend never steps foot in your home again? How would you explain this to your spouse so nobody gets hurt? Or do love triangles always end badly?

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Scot Fields

Nope, I’m telling. BF would be out of pocket. Not telling would be disrespectful to your spouse and your marriage.

Solomon Jones

I think I’m going to have to agree with you on this one, Scot.

Tee Cop

I’d most likely say something in a joking manner in front of them both. I’d do so to show the “friend” that I don’t hide things from my husband… and allow that one indiscretion to slide…. but just that once.

Solomon Jones

Interesting tactic.