unequally yoked

Love lessons from divorce

Question of the day:

You’re divorced and you’ve grown up a lot since your marriage ended. You could give a seminar on what NOT to do to maintain a healthy marriage. What advice would your divorced self give to your single self to ensure success in a new relationship? How would your love lessons from divorce help you find and retain love–this time forever?

tosh thumbnailNatosha Warner is an author and talk show host. She pens the Question of the Day feature at Solomonjones.com

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Kevin Ghee

Be clear and concise and consistent in what itnis you do, say, and accept. Stay out of the lane of temptation. Don’t belittle because it takes a second to blow up a bridge and years to rebuild it. Understand that there is a tomorrow so plan for that.


I would tell myself to STHU. Far too many women and I’m just speaking on women because hey, I’m an expert at being me, is that we don’t realize the power of that soft and wet contraption between our lips and that is the almighty tongue! That thing can be vicious and as soft and smooth as it can be it can and has cut down nations. Learn to watch your tone and also keep yourself out of situations. Happy Hour doesn’t last til midnight. Also, walk the fine line of respect. Far too often once you lose respect for a person it’s a wrap. Learn when to walk away and know when it’s over. Never chase something or somethings that are running from you.