Solomon Jones interviews Larry Krasner at Praise 107.9 FM

Krasner talks exclusively to Solomon Jones after controversial dismissals

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner forced 31 people out at the District Attorney’s office, prompting criticism from some and celebration from others.

In an exclusive interview with Praise 107.9 FM host and Daily News columnist Solomon Jones, Krasner explained his motivations. “We did it because this is an office in need of culture change,” Krasner told Jones. “It is an office in need of reorganization. Some of the spots were eliminated and they’re not coming back, so the individuals in those spots, needless to say, have to be separated. It’s an office that’s been going the wrong direction for a while, but we’re trying to go the right direction now.”

Click the link below to listen to the interview in its entirety.

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Solomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of and host of Your Voice weekdays from 10 to Noon on Praise 107.9 FM radio. Click here to learn more about Solomon.

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