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Your weight and your new man

Question of the day:

THIS ONE  just for the ladies. It’s Valentine’s Day, and things are going well with your new love, especially since you’ve lost a significant amount of weight and you’re feeling really good about yourself.  You’re out to dinner enjoying a light meal when your new love drops the bombshell. He wants more junk in the trunk. That’s right. Your new man wants you to put on the 30 pounds you just lost. Would you gain weight to appease your mate?

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Ummm, I am going with “no way Alec for $200!!!” Excessive wat is not good for anyone and anyone who believes and tries to justify carrying extra early as being healthy is in total denial.

Solomon Jones

That makes me wonder if women think they have to be thin in order to be healthy, or if that’s something society has pushed on them. One thing I notice about women is that they seem to think they’re fat even when they’re not.


The same when if a woman tells a man, ” Wow, you look like you’re getting smaller!” I see men take issue with when it was said . Perhaps men associate being bigger withhis masculinity the same way so many women asociate her waist lline with the images society forces upon us as healthy or with beauty.

Solomon Jones

Perhaps, but I never really hear men complaining about their bodies in the way that women do. I feel like there’s a lot more pressure on women than men when it comes to body image.

W. Jonathan McCoy

If he doesn’t like the way you came out of the box, then he should keep on shopping…