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A message to Jordan Davis’ parents

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We were all sitting on the edge of our seats this weekend as we awaited the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial. As responses to the verdict poured in, many were outraged. If you could write a letter to Jordan Davis’ parents, what would your letter say?

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Joanne Abel

To The Parents of Jordan Davis:

It troubles my heart that you are having to bear this pain that you are now bearing at the hands of a man who thought he was God and had the right to take your son’s life. I hope that this letter will at least bring you a little comfort. We don’t know each other and probably will never meet, but know that I’m truly sorry for your loss and am praying the the good Lord with comfort and bless you in this time of sorrow.

I also hope that even though this first jury did not get it all right, that when they sit the second one down for the second trial, they will get it right and that Michael Dunn will be sentenced to life in prison. Remember, everyone has to pay for their sins and he will eventually have to answer to our Saviour for his. He cannot talk his way out of it when judgment day comes and Jesus asks him how he lived his life.

We all know that he is guilty and of course those people who sat on the jury know he was guilty they just made a made decision.

God bless you all and may He comfort you and hold you in the palms of His hands during these trying times.

Joanne Abel

June Wilson



Thanks Joanne, that was very nicely written. It’s a terrific tragedy that words, cards and or condolences ever in need to be written to a parent about such a horrific loss. Sadly our young men were hanged, tortured and burned alive for grave, so-called infractions like just walking down the street or eying a white woman and now the same occurrences are happening today, and for what? Playing ones music too loud? Based on whose assumptions? My prayers go out to this family but I’d ask that my prayers be granted in that no other mother or father has to ever get that phone call or knock on the door in the middle of the night telling them their son or daughter has been murdered for a grave infraction called being in the wrong colored skin. My heart bleeds for this family and the many others who continue to know what this kind of pains feels like in this day in age.

June Wilson

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