If Bey and Jay are on the rocks, the rest of us have more than 99 problems

I’M FLABBERGASTED, dumbfounded and shocked.

In other words, I’m really surprised.

Why am I so stunned, you ask? I’m stunned because of published reports that Beyonce is prepared to divorce hip-hop mogul Jay Z.

Because if two people with more money than Nicaragua can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Jay Z and Beyonce have a combined net worth that’s estimated at $1 billion.

They have power, looks – don’t laugh, Beyonce is pretty enough for both of them – and a beautiful child together.

They’re so hot, their On the Run Tour has topped $100 million in ticket sales in 19 dates, according to Forbes. For those of you who are math-challenged, that’s over $5 million a night.

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Solomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of and morning host on 900 am WURD radio. Click here to learn more about Solomon

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