Hurricane Ida sweeps through East Coast, results in record breaking damage.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through Philly, Jersey and Delaware, killing five people, creating seven tornadoes, and leaving behind record flooding that turned parts of the Schuylkill expressway and other roadways into rivers.


I’ve never seen anything like it, because nothing like this has ever happened here. But it’s only going to get worse, because these new, more powerful storms are driven by global warming. And here’s the kicker. As temperatures warm in America, Black folks are going to get the worst of it.


Hurricane Ida was extra powerful because it formed from air that was hot and moist, and in the Gulf of Mexico, it drew energy from water that was unusually warm.


We’re going to see more of that in the near future, and when those superstorms hit land, scientists believe Black and brown people will suffer the most. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency just put out a report on it yesterday.


The study found that as temperatures continue to rise, Native Americans are 48 percent more likely than other groups to live in areas that will flood from sea level rise, Latinos are 43 percent more likely to live in communities that will lose work hours because of intense heat, and Black people will die at much higher rates.


So, while our melanin should protect us from the heat, we’ll need insurance to protect our homes from destruction. We’ll need generators to provide backup power. We’ll need emergency food, water, money and fuel, because in the first days of a disaster, the government ain’t coming—especially in the hood.


We saw what happened with Hurricane Ida. And with this new EPA report, we know what the predictions say about us. We have to do all we can to be ready to defeat disasters, because if we don’t, disasters are gonna be ready to defeat us.

Photo: Hurricane Ida Pictured By. NASA

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