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Dawn of the house husband?

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In marriage, traditionally, women were the homemakers and men the breadwinners. Well today, many women make just as much if not more money than men. Since that’s the case, should roles be redefined? Should men embrace the role of house husband–doing the cooking, cleaning, and childrearing–while women fix pipes and mow the lawn? Or should today’s couples remain as close to traditional roles as possible?

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Camari Ellis

In order to have a successful marriage, both parties must be flexible and do whats best for THEIR familes.

Solomon Jones

In other words, there’s no easy answer. The house husband might work for some folks, but not for everyone. I know one thing. I worked from home and took care of my daughter for a couple of months when she was little and it was no joke. I had it down to a routine, though. Breakfast, Barney, nap, lunch, playtime, TV, Mommy’s home! LOL!