Have you seen the FBI Director? Yeah, neither have I

Mike Pence won’t be helping to get Trump out of office, so now it’s about locking up the Capitol rioters. But I wonder how serious they are about doing that when we haven’t seen the FBI Director, or the Attorney General, or anyone who seems to be in charge.

We watched angry mobs chasing cops through the halls as members of Congress were evacuated. We saw a cop get beaten with poles as they filmed it on the steps of the Capitol. We know a man hit a cop with a fire extinguisher and killed him during those riots. We know Donald Trump lied to start all of it, then lied and said he’s not responsible. 

You’ve got military leaders reminding their troops to follow the law instead of Trump. You’ve got seven SEPTA cops and one Philly detective under investigation for being at Trump’s rally. You’ve got Air Force veterans being arrested for playing a role in the riots. And now, as Congress works to impeach Trump for the second time, his followers are talking about holding violent protests in every state. 

Somebody’s got to go to jail for this. Then somebody’s got to bring the country together. But when members of the military are more loyal to Trump than they are to the constitution, when cops and firefighters are part of the mob that’s storming the capitol, when the president seems intent on continuing his parade of lies, we have to depend on ourselves. 

We voted in Joe Biden, and now we have to support him. We made it through Trump, and now we have to dismiss him. We made it through a pandemic, and now we have to live, because with all that we’ve seen one thing is clear. No one’s going to rescue us but us.

Photo: FBI plaque. By Dave Newman. Creative Commons License

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