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DeSean Jackson, Allen Iverson, and Keepin it Real

Question of the day:

DeSean Jackson, Allen Iverson and even President Obama have been criticized for their links to certain people. Iverson couldn’t stop hanging with his crew, the President has been slammed for liking Jay-Z’s music. DeSean Jackson lost a fat Eagles contract shortly after allegations of gang affiliation.  So, when “keepin’ it real” costs us, is it time to assimilate and turn in the culture card because keepin’ it real is keepin’ us BROKE!??

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Hanging out with my friend and colleague Lady B and our great boss Jay Dixon last night at the Universoul Circus. Lady B got a well-deserved community award from the NAACP. Go @ClassixPhilly!
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Kevin Ghee

That’s a big fat negative. You can still be friends with the people you grew up with but it’s all in the interaction. The POTUS and Jay-Z, well that’s just silly and shows the extreme bias in some peoples feelings. He’s a very successful business man. But the other two, well. As for Iverson there’s only so many times you’re going to get locked up in a car registered to me with guns and drugs. Or are somehow connected to me and do the things his friends did. In Deseans case, he was just foolish to throw up gang signs and represent that he was in that life. Riddle me this, how do you know when a person is in a frat? By the letters they wear and the signs they throw up and the hand shakes. So if you see someone throwing up the universal Que sign you assume he’s a Que. Am I wrong? So then if you see one throw up the sign of a Crip, again you assume that they are in what they are representing. So any assumption that he was in a gang, he brought on himself.

It’s time for black people to stop looking for an excuse and start to take accountability for their own actions. Iverson and Jackson brought the ridicule they received on themselves. And there is a point when you just grow up and move on from certain people. If a person is in a relationship with someone that means them no good they are urged to move on yet if a person has a friendship with a person who could potentially damage their brand and mean them no good, you are somehow a sellout for disassociating with said person. That’s just silly to me.


Maybe a better comparison should have been Mike Vic. Either way folks are vilified by the company they choose to keep. Keep it real or totally assimilate to what the masses would have you to do.

Kevin Ghee

What do you mean by keep it real or assimilate? It wouldn’t be wise even if he wasn’t a celeb to hang around certain types of people. I’m shocked that black folks are defending this nonsense. Let’s say he didn’t get cut but got shot or rob because he was with these dudes, then it would be, he ahould have kept better company.


Kevin Ghee please don’t take this question as support for the decisions he made or the Eagles’ position to release him. Merely a question Big Bro. My personal beliefs are that I will cut a joker in a heartbeat if they’re into nonsense I don’t condone. At this stage in my life you can’t invite me to bars, clubs and around the way and I attend without being kidnapped. Real for me is being in the sanctity of my home with my family and turning in rather than UP. Whatever folks choose to do is their business but they must realize that sometimes keepin it real, remaining loyal or whatever you want to call it has consequences one way or the other. For me, I choose to keep it real close to home.

Scot Fields

Iverson went broke over stupidity. Jay Z isn’t holding Obama back in the slightest (wonder if Jay signed up in time for the ACA), and that thin association with folks in gangs was a bullshit reason for getting cut. You agree to pay somebody $50MM and you best believe your thoroughly vetted.

Solomon Jones

I agree on all counts.


Come on know if it was guilt by association there would be a lot of famous people being thrown to the wolves. I never saw Ole Blue eyes thrown out of Hollywood for the company he kept.Heck people flock to Hugh Hefner but I guess they get a pass. I’m not defending DeSean he is a grown man he can do that himself.But lets keep it real he is gone because he was devalued for his worth to the team and Chip Kelly.Come on with the crap that he threw up gang signs never hear this when some of the most powerful people “Mason” throw up their signs.The real deal is, he was sent back to the auction block end of story.

Darin Toliver

Its funny.. it appears that the “keepin’ it real” slogan is only identified with Blacks…


Darin if memory serves me correctly Lil Kim started that in one of her lyrics. While many folks keep it real or use another slogan for the action Blacks are often held to a different, yet unfair standard where we have to be 10 times better and still that’s not good enough. We can keep playing this game of thinking we can and or will receive equal treatment but we’ll be keepin it unrealistic. IMO


Disagree. We don’t have to be “10 times better”. That victim mentality holds you back. We have to stop blaming and start doing. Teddy bears and candles at the location of an inner city murder is not solving anything.

Aphrodite Brown

It is a little more complex than keeping it real vs assimilation. It doesn’t factor in the never ending desire to require something more of a Black man than you do a man of another race. It also doesn’t factor in the mentality of our youth that conformity is bad because they fear never being able to achieve what other races achieve.

Frankly if Chip Kelly didn’t like Jackson that is reason enough to attempt to trade him, or cut him. Jackson has been an excellent receiver for us, but he can be replaced, like any other athlete on the team can be replaced. This team has no one person it can’t do without.

If his release was related to the company he keeps, that is a shady area, but once more that is a decision that is up to the coach and the organization. Kelly in my mind has earned the right to build his team and I am unwilling to judge him harshly going into only his 2nd draft.

When I went to work for the PPD I had to segregate myself and insulate myself from my friends in the JBM. I could not allow friendship to supercede a paycheck. Jackson is not different other than the number of zeros in his paycheck.

I wish him well in Washington for 14 games out of the year. I don’t hate the kid. But this situation is much more complex than just leaping to the kids defense for “keeping it real”.

Solomon Jones

I think you make good points. I don’t know if he’s in a gang or not. I don’t know if he’s keeping it real or not. I do know that nothing’s been proven either way. That’s why I vigorously defend his right to get the same benefit of the doubt that other players receive. Jackson has earned that much. He has seven years in the league, 3 Pro Bowls (at 2 positions one year), and one All Pro Year. He was top 10 in yards and top 20 in catches last year. He was the most targeted and the most productive receiver on the field for the Eagles, catching 64 percent of the passes thrown his way. Yes, Kelly had the right to trade him or cut him if he didn’t like him, but as a manager in a billion dollar corporation, he also had the obligation to try to work with an employee who is that productive.

The one point I’ll conditionally disagree with is that Jackson can be replaced. You may find a guy who can run as fast as him. You might find a guy who can elude tacklers. You might even find a guy who can catch the ball. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a guy who can do all three things as well as Jackson. That skill set is very, very difficult to find. The fact that Kelly would cut ties with him after one year is very disappointing to me, whether or not it was about Jackson “keeping it real.”