Dear Joe Biden — Run me my money!

Run me my money. That was my response when I heard Joe Biden propose a $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan that includes a $2000 check for most Americans.

I’ve spent decades paying taxes, tickets, fines and fees to the government, not to mention my time in the Department of Motor Vehicles, a hellish place where government workers take pleasure in making you wait. The government owes me $2000 just for the aggravation—especially as a Black man in America. 

Because King only told y’all part of the dream. The rest was about Black people getting a couple dollars. And at a time when mobs of racists are storming the capitol, and Black folks are dying from COVID-19, and millions of people are out of work, me and my people are focused on four words.

 Run me my money. 

 We don’t want to hear about the deficit. Ain’t nobody tell y’all to buy so many bombs. We don’t want to hear about the budget. Y’all wasn’t worried about it when you gave PPP loans to megachurches and pop stars. So don’t tell me you don’t have a couple grand for that single mom in the hood, for that brother on the corner, or for me—a radio host with a wife and kids.

Run me my money. Because if you can pay $3000 for Secret Service agents to rent a whole apartment because Ivanka Trump won’t let them use the bathroom, you can pay me a couple grand just for being here. If you can pay for Trump to play golf instead of running the country, you can pay me a couple stacks. If you can pay that lady at the DMV to work on everybody’s nerves, you can pay me to do what’s right. 

 So run me money. And while you’re at it, pay my people, too.

Photo: Joe Biden at Campaign. By jlhervàs. Creative Commons License 

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