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Dear Black folks: This Black Friday spend your Black money with Black people

Black people, if this is really Black Friday, let’s paint the town black.

Let’s play Black music ‘til the world starts dancing. Do Black things ‘til the world gets soul. Eat Black food ‘til the world feels better. Wear Black clothes ‘til the world gets swag. 

If this is really Black Friday, let’s spend it on blackness. That means spending our money to build us up, not wasting our money to tear us down. It means using our resources like the future is ours, instead of blowing our money like there’s no tomorrow.  

I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy what we want, but sometimes we gotta focus on what we need. And if this year has taught us anything, it should’ve taught us that what we need is a backup plan. We can’t depend on next week’s paycheck to pay last month’s bills. Because a virus you can’t even see can wipe out ten million jobs. It can take away a quarter million lives. It can turn an economy upside down. And when that happens, Black folks are the ones who suffer most.

So this Black Friday, after you buy something you want, go and buy something you need. Get a savings bond for your kid. Buy a share of stock for yourself. Put some cash away for emergencies. Spend some money with a Black business. Give some money to a Black place of worship. Make a donation to a Black charity. 

If this is really Black Friday, then act like it. Think like it. Move like it. Spend like it. Because Black Friday in the Black community should be about more than spending money to feel better in the moment. Black Friday in the Black community should be about using money as a tool to build a movement.

Photo: Philadelphia’s Odunde celebration with Black vendors and African culture. By

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