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Would you accept his crazy diet demands?

Question of the day:

You don’t typically like to work out but you don’t mind taking a stroll through the mall or park at your leisure.  Your husband or wife has suddenly become a workout fanatic and insists you accompany him/her to the gym and change your diet completely. You feel the crazy diet and workout demands are a bit obsessive.  Do you join in with your mate’s new love for fitness or tell him/her to bounce out of your face with the excessive energy?

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Laverne Cheeseboro

I am waiting for my husband to snatch me and take me to the gym with him. Thats one date I would love so unless the diet has me passing out, I’m in.


I agree Laverne! Now unless he’s over zealous with it that would be a great date and time well spent.

Solomon Jones

Yes but what about those who are happy with their size? And what about that awkward moment when you go to the gym with your husband or wife and that well-toned “gym buddy” of the opposite sex walks by and says hi to your boo. Is the date ruined? Do insecurities pop up? Do you start trippin’?


That’s reality, If you workout as much as I do your gonna know some hunks! Lol.

Solomon Jones

I’m always interested in this kind of stuff so I have to ask. If you’re at the gym and your husband decides to join you and gets jealous after seeing you interacting with one of these “hunks,” what would you do? Would you give him the classic, “You’re just being insecure,” or would you have a real conversation about it?


Been there done that back in the day when I used to be a gym rat. My “Boo” would stay home and I would be there every night after work (prior to children) and so he started coming around the gym more often to see what was going on. He wasn’t the jealous type but he should’ve been because those hunks turned into hulks. LOL


no place for jealousy in my relationship

Donna Taylor

No, I didn’t schools closed. I would join him because right now I could use it and then drop off after two days.. Lol


Uh working out is a choice. I been working out for years my husband doesn’t. I already warned him if he gets sick because of poor eating and being overweight that’s on him. It’s all a choice.


Sarah, you mean you’d actually not honor your vows of For Better or For Worse? What does “it’s on him” really mean?


Ask Hubby to come to a happy medium so I don’t suffer a coronary trying to keep up.


Luckily ,,we already go to the gym together and eat clean together. No true gym rat “diets”. If he didn’t work out we would not be together. Oh and there are no other gym buddies. 🙂

William Cobb

I’d join my spouse in almost any effort that would improve the quality of our individual and collective lives. However, as this question is asked, I would not likely share in their new found enthusiasm. Fanatic, insistant, completely….tough terms to swallow……