Changes to Philly’s magnet school policy will hurt Black children

Black youth in Philadelphia are under attack. How else to explain that as of this week, 84% of those killed by guns in our city were Black, and three in five were under 30 years old? But the numbers don’t tell the whole story, because gun violence begins long before shots are fired. It begins with schools that set our children up for failure, and with recent decisions on magnet schools and funding, the outlook for Black kids is getting worse.

In a city where 87% of public school students are children of color, neighborhood schools are underfunded, underresourced, and as a result, they underperform. But even as the state’s unfair school funding formula is challenged in the courts, the Philadelphia Parking Authority is trying to take back an $11.3 million contribution to the schools. So, not only is the state cheating students in a district that is mostly Black, the state-run PPA is piling on by trying to snatch back money it paid to the district almost two years ago. To make matters worse, the School District itself is making it harder for students to get into some of its best schools, and I believe this new strategy will disproportionately hurt Black children.
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Photo: Philadelphia By. Peter Miller

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Hanging out with my friend and colleague Lady B and our great boss Jay Dixon last night at the Universoul Circus. Lady B got a well-deserved community award from the NAACP. Go @ClassixPhilly!
Hanging out with my friend and colleague Lady B and our great boss Jay Dixon last night at the Universoul Circus. Lady B got a well-deserved community award from the NAACP. Go @ClassixPhilly!
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