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Dear Joe Biden — Run me my money!

Run me my money. That was my response when I heard Joe Biden propose a $1.9 trillion…

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Latinos vs Blacks?

THE LATINO AND AFRICAN AMERICAN communities have much in common, but beneath their shared struggles and interconnected…

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More multiracial families … less racism?

Between 2000 and 2010, Americans who reported multiracial backgrounds increased by 32 percent to 9 million. Will…

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A dog named Mr. Skeffington

Something evil has made my family love tiny dogs. Not only do the kids want one, but LaVeta does, too. And she wants to name the little bugger Mr. Skeffington.

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The blackest cat in town

My idea of a pet was an alligator with a soft side, not some street cat with a Puss In Boots stare. Then came Styx …

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New Baby Blues

A FEW WEEKS ago, LaVeta’s nephew and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby girl. I was happy…

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His kid wants allowance for chores

Dear Housewife: Is it ok to tie allowance amounts to chores? – Allowance for chores Dear Allowance for…

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