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Dear Joe Biden — Run me my money!

Run me my money. That was my response when I heard Joe Biden propose a $1.9 trillion…

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His stepdaughter is driving him crazy

I’m old school and my 10-year-old stepdaughter is a hot mess. She’s spoiled to the point where I want to choke her at times. She can be sweet, but her attitude and laziness is something that an old schooler like me can’t handle. What should I do?

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Saving your marriage from divorce

Marriage is that thing that takes place when your spouse has put on work boots and used your last nerve as a trampoline. To save it you need a go-to move. My wife has one. I call it her bread and butter.

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Oh no! Eve is a Belieber

Eve has graduated to Justin Bieber, and like the millions of little girls who’ve fallen under Bieber’s spell, she’s behaving less like a fan and more like a cult member with every passing day.

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The Big Stories of 2013

FOR PHILADELPHIA, 2013 was filled with crushing lows and euphoric highs, but the biggest stories shaped us,…

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Book trailer

ANDREA WILSON is in a bad marriage, so when she awakens with her husband’s blood on her…

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I miss my old Toyota Camry … well, sort of

Yes, I got someone younger and prettier as soon as I had the chance to do so, but that doesn’t make me a bad guy. Just because I’ve already washed my new car with the same towels I used for Silver Shadow, I’m not some kind of scoundrel.

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