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Dear Black folks: This Black Friday spend your Black money with Black people

Black people, if this is really Black Friday, let’s paint the town black. Let’s play Black music…

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Apparent Hoffman overdose brings drug war home

OSCAR-WINNING ACTOR Phillip Seymour Hoffman struggled with heroin in his youth, relapsed after more than two decades,…

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One nation divided by race

AS I WATCHED President Obama deliver his State of the Union address, I was drawn to the…

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winter fashion ideas

The cold truth about winter fashion ideas

WINTER fashion ideas can be tricky, because no matter what you do to make that puffy coat…

winter fashion ideas
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Seeing life through the snow

SNOW STORMS FORCE families to do what work, school and extracurricular activities often cause us to neglect….

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I love Girl Scout Cookies but …

VERY FEW people are mean enough to say no to a little girl selling Thin Mints in…

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Why is Philly so dirty?

Dear Housewife: Why is Philadelphia so dirty? – Disgusted in Philly Dear Disgusted:  You ask a very good…

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