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Dear Black folks: This Black Friday spend your Black money with Black people

Black people, if this is really Black Friday, let’s paint the town black. Let’s play Black music…

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Have you had the “police talk” with your sons?

Question of the Day The latest Philadelphia-based accusation of police brutality involved a teenage boy being frisked. A…

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Parents: Should we legalize marijuana?

I RECENTLY WROTE a blog post saying that marijuana should not be legalized, because in my experience,…

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Super Bowl ads were better than the game

THE SUPER BOWL was on in my house last weekend, but I was the only one who…

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Communities must have voice on Land Bank

WHEN DEVELOPMENT proponents speak of the Philadelphia Land Bank as a step toward eliminating the city’s 40,000…

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The truth about blacks and racial profiling

Question of the Day: You’re black. Or Latino. Or a liberal white person. In your mind everyone…

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Would you accept his crazy diet demands?

Question of the day: You don’t typically like to work out but you don’t mind taking a…

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