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Dear Joe Biden — Run me my money!

Run me my money. That was my response when I heard Joe Biden propose a $1.9 trillion…

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The truth about cute cats and women

A HILARIOUS TRUE STORY about Styx the family cat, and what she taught Solomon about cute cats…

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In love with a non-believer. Now what?

Question of the day: You meet a new love interest who is smart, kind, loving and generous,…

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Legalize marijuana? I don’t think so

Drug abuse doesn’t begin with a needle in one’s arm, like it reportedly ended for Oscar-winning actor…

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Purse snatch murders

I REMEMBER purse snatchings. For a time in the 1980s, they were the crime of choice in…

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Tears follow the Michael Dunn verdict

Denise Hunt tears up as she finds out the jury is deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge…

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Dear Black Boys: A word on Jordan Davis

Dear Black Boys: I pray that one day we can say with a conscious mind, “It’s okay….

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