Black Lives Matter nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. That’s Black history to me

It’s  Black History Month, and while I’m always thinking of the heroes whose shoulders we stand on, I’m also thinking about the sheroes whose shoulders we lean on.  

BlackLivesMatter, created as a hashtag by three sisters, is up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Because in making that simple statement, those sisters started a movement for the ages. A movement that’s young and old, Black and white, rich and poor—a movement that survives and thrives no matter what they try to do to kill it. Black Lives Matter is a worldwide phenomenon, started because a Black boy died trying to get home to his father. 

It’s a movement that brought purpose out of grief, brought determination from anger, brought people together and broke down divisions, and, that’s Black History to me.   

 Black History is Kamala Harris taking the oath of office, Amanda Gorman tracing the Hills We Climb. It’s Michelle in that pantsuit and Barack on that stage like, your president used to work for me. It’s Beyonce as an icon and LeBron opening schools and the fact that the whole world stopped when Kobe crashed. And him and his baby girl were free at last. 

 Black history is John Chaney as more than a coach, Cicely Tyson as more than an actress, Chadwick Boseman as more than the Black Panther. And, man, I hate that they’re all gone. But I know that we’ll go on, because that’s is Black history to me. 

Because history is about looking forward and looking back. Realizing that we still black and strong as the day is long. Because there’s power in our blackness, strength in our blackness, worth in our blackness, beauty in our blackness.  

We are the trend setters, the music makers, the culture keepers and the name takers.

The world moves to our beat, and when we stop moving, everything else does too. And Black people when I look at you …That’s Back history to me.  

Photo: San Francisco BLM Street Painting. By. Christopher Michel  Creative Commons License

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