Biden can’t talk racial justice unless he addresses Black justice

President Joe Biden has signed several executive orders on racial equity, and while the orders are a good start, I do have one tiny issue. None of them is specific to Black folks.  

 It’s not that I have a problem with our other melanated brothers and sisters. I’m down with the brown. It’s just that if you’re going to talk about racism in America, you’ve got to talk about the Black experience. It was Blacks who were transported here in slave ships, Blacks who built America’s wealth, Blacks who were targeted at every turn, and Blacks who never got reparations.

 I appreciate that Biden signed executive orders telling HUD to address racial discrimination, and ending the use of private federal prisons, and affirming Native American Tribal sovereignty, and condemning xenophobia against Asian Americans. 

 All of that stuff matters, and I support getting it done, but Black folks are the ones who need justice the most. 

 That’s us getting killed on video, that’s us dying faster from COVID, that’s us without economic justice. That’s us saying Black Lives Matter. 

 Blacks voted you into office as a down payment, and now Mr. President, the first few bills are due. So, after you sign that stuff for everybody else, gather up those bills the House already passed,  get the Senate to pass them, too, and when those bills make their way to your desk, remember you said you’d have our back.

 I’m glad you mentioned the bills yesterday, but now it’s time to move. Sign the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Sign the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Sign the For The people Act and tell us that you did it for us. 

 Because you can’t talk racial justice without talking about Black folks, and if you try to leave us out, Back folks are gonna be talking about you.    

Photo: Joe Biden Campaigning. By. stingrayschuller Creative Commons License 

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