And A Little Child Shall Lead Them King Hill's death brings Call For Change

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them: King Hill’s Death Brings Call For Change

So much that’s happened in the last week has been emblematic of the chaos of 2020.

Iconic civil rights leaders John Lewis and C.T. Vivian died. Federal agents snatched protesters off Portland streets at the Trump administration’s behest. Then, after months of downplaying their importance, President Trump finally admitted that masks are an effective means of slowing the spread of COVID-19. This, after 140,000 Americans succumbed to the deadly virus.

However, amid all the uncertainty and loss on the national stage, a local event stood out more than anything else. A 2-year-old boy from Strawberry Mansion was allegedly killed by a woman who was babysitting him. His name was King Hill, and he mattered.

About two weeks before he reported the child missing, King’s stepfather, Marvin Reese, put King in the care of 24-year-old Tianna Parks, according to police. On July 8, when Reese realized the child was no longer in Parks’ care, Reese reported him missing. Police, with the assistance of FBI agents, discovered cell phone video confirming the child was killed. Parks now faces multiple charges including murder and abuse of corpse in connection with King Hill’s death.

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