America’s gun violence epidemic is as dangerous as COVID-19

Gun violence in America has reached epidemic proportions. Not just because students go to school and shoot classmates, as a teen did in Michigan yesterday. Not just because men jump out of cars in Philadelphia and gun down a 14 year old. No, gun violence in America is an epidemic because there are those who believe they can get away with it.


People like suburban Minneapolis Police Officer Kimberly Potter, a 26-year veteran who was training another officer when they stopped a young brother named Daunte Wright. When they ran his name, they found he was wanted on a warrant. An officer tried to arrest Wright, who resisted, and Potter yelled “Taser” before pulling out a gun and shooting Wright.


The shooting took place while Derek Chauvin was on trial just a few miles away for murdering George Floyd during another police stop. Police were angry. They felt like they were being unfairly portrayed by protesters. Many were on edge.


It was against that backdrop that Potter pulled out her gun and claimed she thought it was a Taser. Even though the Taser is yellow and the gun is black. Even though the Taser is light and the gun is heavy. Even though the two weapons were on different sides of her belt. Even though she was a 26-year veteran with so much experience that she was literally there to train another officer.


Potter’s claim that she grabbed her gun by mistake makes no sense whatsoever. In my opinion, she killed Wright in cold blood, and dared the system to do something.


No one in America should be able to do that. But if Kyle Rittenhouse can bring a gun to a protest, shoot and kill two people, then successfully claim self defense, anything can happen.

Officer Kim Potter should go to jail for killing Wright, because any other outcome would be wrong.

Photo: The Gun Violence Memorial By. Joe Flood

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