A Philly cop is under investigation for attending the pre-riot Trump rally. We’re not surprised

A Philadelphia Police detective is under investigation after allegedly attending the rally before the riot. And guess what. We’re not surprised.
If the Inquirer is right, and Philadelphia Detective Jennifer Gugger allegedly attended that rally, I gotta wonder what she was thinking. Because Gugger’s job in the police department’s recruitment unit was to investigate social media posts of people who want to be cops.  So why would she allegedly post on social media that she was at the rally before the riot?

Inquiring minds wanna know, but inquiring minds ain’t surprised.

We knew that off-duty cops were in the mob that raided the Capitol last week. ‘Cause where I come from, cops ain’t always there to protect your rights. Sometimes they come to let you know you don’t have any.   

So when we hear that off duty cops were walking up to the capitol and flashing their badges, we’re not surprised. When we hear the Black Capitol police were being called the N-word by Trump’s mob, we’re not shocked. We’re just waiting for the rest of y’all to see what we do—that racism is disturbingly common in American policing, and we have to do something about it. 

Anytime the FOP endorses Donald Trump twice, there’s a problem. When a racist group like the Proud Boys is welcome at the FOP, there’s a problem. And when a Philadelphia police detective is under investigation for going to the Capitol and participating in the rally ahead of the riot, there’s a problem. 

Same goes for the off-duty firefighters who participated in that mess. ‘Cause if y’all support turning on the country, calling black people the n-word, and raiding the capitol, how can we trust you to help us when we need it?


Photo: Governor Wolf Visits Philadelphia Police. By Governor Tom WolfCreative Commons License

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