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Dear Joe Biden — Run me my money!

Run me my money. That was my response when I heard Joe Biden propose a $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan...

Have you seen the FBI Director? Yeah, neither have I

Mike Pence won’t be helping to get Trump out of office, so now it’s about locking up the Capitol rioters....

A Philly cop is under investigation for attending the pre-riot Trump rally. We’re not surprised

A Philadelphia Police detective is under investigation after allegedly attending the rally before the riot. And guess what. We’re not...

What if the rioters who breached the US Capitol were Black?

The scene was unlike anything we’d ever witnessed. An angry mob descended on Capitol Hill after attending a rally where...
Donald Trump's Georgia call possibly illegal.

Trump’s tactics in Georgia call are straight from the white supremacy handbook

I felt a growing sadness as I listened to a recording of Donald Trump begging, bullying, cajoling, and threatening Georgia...

When will we get justice for Jacob Blake?

What must we do to get justice? That’s what I’m asking after the Kenosha Wisconsin D.A. failed to charge a...





Stacey Abrams speaks with Solomon Jones

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