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Yes, the omicron variant is crazy, but here’s the good news

Let’s start with the good news. Christmas is just a few days away, and while many see it as an...
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Claudette Colvin, the biggest civil rights hero you’ve never heard of

The COVID hits just keep coming. The CDC now says you shouldn’t get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine if the...

Emmett Till was lynched over a lie. Now Black men are spending their lives in prison over lies, too

 I was pained to learn that the Justice Department’s reinvestigation of Emmett Till’s 1955 lynchingwould not result in perjury charges against...

Michigan school shooting proves that bad parenting has no color.

School shootings are no longer surprising. They can happen anywhere, and when they do, parents have a universal response. We...

Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers are convicted–and that brings hope

Philadelphia reached 500 murders with the death of a 55-year-old woman—a woman whose block captain was a city council member’s...

As the city reaches 500 murders, ManUpPHL releases study with 5 solutions for gun violence

Perhaps, under different circumstances, I would celebrate the fact that ManUpPHL, the nonprofit I began, has completed a study that puts...





Stacey Abrams speaks with Solomon Jones

Stacey Abrams pours the sting of loss into making sure others can vote

Democratic VP Nominee  Kamala Harris speaks to Solomon Jones from Howard University

Watch Solomon’s exclusive interview with Kamala Harris

Symone Sanders at Politicon 2016.

Solomon interviews Symone Sanders

Solomon on CNN with Brooke Baldwin

Solomon on CNN talking Trump and s—hole countries