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ManUpPHL begins new push to end gun violence Go to to volunteer and to learn more

The Black, Asian and Latino experiences are not the same, so don’t lump us together

As I watch unaccompanied minors cross the border in search of a better life, I feel for their parents. How...

Joe Biden is giving Black farmers reparations and I’m here for it

We’re all waiting on our stimulus checks from Joe Biden’s COVID relief bill, and if the House approves the measure...

Harry and Meghan — Royalty and Race

Last night, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan sat down for an interview with Oprah. You remember Harry and Meghan, don’t...

The tale of Mike Tyson’s life is riveting, and that’s why Hulu is exploiting it for their own gain.

Abandoned by his father, Tyson and his two siblings were raised by a single mother who moved the family to a crime-ridden...

Trump just gave the GOP the 2022 master plan: Suppress the Black vote

I know we don’t want to have to talk about voting again. We’d rather talk about why the brother’s speech...





Stacey Abrams speaks with Solomon Jones

Stacey Abrams pours the sting of loss into making sure others can vote

Democratic VP Nominee  Kamala Harris speaks to Solomon Jones from Howard University

Watch Solomon’s exclusive interview with Kamala Harris

Symone Sanders at Politicon 2016.

Solomon interviews Symone Sanders

Solomon on CNN with Brooke Baldwin

Solomon on CNN talking Trump and s—hole countries